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The Hearing Aid Company

425 South College Drive Suite 16, Devils Lake, ND 58301
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About Us

Hearing Care Excellence for Devils Lake, ND

Our Practice

Our practice prides itself on taking care of each patient as if they were our own family member to receive the best possible hearing outcome. We focus on continually serving the hearing needs of the Devils Lake, ND community with dedicated hearing care. In this process, our practice demonstrates disciplines and values to ensure fair and personalized hearing care for each patient.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to patient care was built around the mutual agreement of honor, integrity and trust with each patient. As a part of the nationwide Audibel network, we aim to provide the greatest hearing care experience possible by abiding to the following standards that define American hearing excellence:

  1. Comprehensive Evaluation

    We evaluate your hearing, communication needs and goals for your life.

  2. Recommend Only What Needs Recommending

    Because we evaluate all your hearing and communication needs, we will recommend a treatment plan that is unique to you and designed to meet your needs.

  3. Clear Understanding of the Hearing Journey and Results

    We make sure that you understand what steps will be taken on your journey to better hearing and what the realistic outcomes are for those steps.

  4. Seeing and Hearing the Benefit

    We will verify that the hearing instruments and accessories that go with them are working and provide the benefit that you need. This verification may be done through several clinically adopted tools such as Real Ear Measurement, Speech Mapping or Sound Field Verification.

  5. Treatment is More Than Just an Office Visit

    We work with you to create a long-term treatment plan, define follow-up appointments, perform regular ongoing evaluations, and any additional care that you may need to make sure you stay satisfied with your hearing in the years to come.

  6. Warranty for One, Warranty for All

    When you work with Audibel, you are working not only with your local hearing healthcare professionals, but also the national network that will honor the warranty and support and service guarantees on all Audibel products.

  7. Commitment for a Lifetime

    All Audibel products receive free cleanings and testing for their lifetime.

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Meet the Staff

Arlynn Hefta


Arlynn L. Hefta (DBA The Hearing Aid Company) has been providing quality hearing healthcare in the Lake Region area for hearing tests, hearing aid cleaning, and service and repair of hearing aids. We have been in business for 37 years in Devils Lake, ND and have serviced the area since 1985.

Arlynn has served eight years on the State Board of Hearing Aid Specialists and four terms as President of the North Dakota Hearing Society.

Arlynn also went on eight Medical and Hearing Health Care Missions to Venezuela.

The Hearing Aid Company was voted the #1 Hearing Healthcare facility in Devils Lake for 2020, 2021 and 2022.

The staff answered all my questions

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Jane Smith, on Google

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Dennis Miller, on Google

Very helpful got in and taken care of so far all good

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Myron Paape, on Google

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thomas boe, on Google

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Cheryl Good, on Google

My husband and I both recently had our hearing evaluated by Arlen at the Hearing Aid Company. We appreciate the thoroughness of the hearing tests and Arlen's explanation of the results. We also appreciate the friendliness and patience of Arlen and his staff.

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Christine Gulsvig, on Google

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Jack Davidson, on Google

Arlen IS The Hearing Aid Company of DL and he is absolutely committed to tweaking the hearing aids he sells so that each customer gets back their “hearing”. But of course hat is virtually impossible! So Arlen patiently spends many hours with his customers to program and replicate each person’s...

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Kathlyn Overbo, on Google

Saw Arlyn at my scheduled time & he determined that my hearing aid was broke and would need to send for repair which would take a week or so. Arlyn friendly and professional as always.

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Spencer Clairmont, on Google

Hearing Aid Company was great. Good service, very helpful.

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Ellen Scott, on Google

These hearing aids are awesome. I'm so pleased. The phone app is a great benefit.

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Pamela Swanson, on Google

I highly recommend this business. I had the experience of professionalism with a friendly attitude. I would highly recommend this business.

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Vincent Herald, on Google

Had a good check up and hearing aids were cleaned. They were on time.

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Brad Myrvik, on Google

Great service! Thank you!

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Ethan Rode, on Google

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harriet bramble, on Google

Very nice and very very accommodating. Thanks for the great service

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Joe Schuchard, on Google

Friendly environment and professional service during my recent visit.

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Nancy Robertson, on Google

I was very pleased with the services at the Hearing Aid Company. Staff were friendly and professional and made the experience stress free.

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Gene Johnson, on Google

I have had hearing aids for over 3 yrs. Testing, fitting, adjustments, and service have all been very good!! I would highly recommend Arlynn and the Hearing Aid Company of Devils Lake!!! 👍

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Dennis Paulson, on Google

The staff is very friendly and extremely helpful!!

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Tammy Anderson, on Google

Nice an quite here fast service

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Rhoda Dunn, on Google