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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

Dawn and Debbie

Dawn thought her hearing loss only affected herself, so put off getting help. Then she realized her family was affected, too.


See what made Todd change his opinion about hearing aids and why he regrets he didn’t change it sooner.

Jim and Carol

Jim didn’t want to wear hearing aids because he thought the technology was “old”. He changed his mind when he heard how much hearing aid technology has changed.

Terry Testimonial – Tinnitus Treatment Solution

Hear what wearers have to say about our new Tinnitus Treatment Solution.

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Very helpful got in and taken care of so far all good

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Myron Paape, on Google

My husband and I both recently had our hearing evaluated by Arlen at the Hearing Aid Company. We appreciate the thoroughness of the hearing tests and Arlen's explanation of the results. We also appreciate the friendliness and patience of Arlen and his staff.

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Christine Gulsvig, on Google

Arlen IS The Hearing Aid Company of DL and he is absolutely committed to tweaking the hearing aids he sells so that each customer gets back their “hearing”. But of course hat is virtually impossible! So Arlen patiently spends many hours with his customers to program and replicate each person’s unique and complex hearing LOSS. He creates a unique and complex program of their sound preferences of the innumerable and varied environments they move through. So they RE-GAIN the ability to hear and and thereby RE-GAIN the ability to participate in life again, and RE-GAIN a full orchestral range of the wonderful soundscape of their life. He’s a real pro!! (And the new Audibel hearing aid uses the most high-tech form of Artificial Intelligence, which makes 58,000 sound adjustments per minute, (1,000 per second!) to adapt instantaneously to the incoming and ever-changing soundscape you hear to be more natural and pleasant. Well worth it, and A-MAZ-ING!!

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Kathlyn Overbo, on Google

Saw Arlyn at my scheduled time & he determined that my hearing aid was broke and would need to send for repair which would take a week or so. Arlyn friendly and professional as always.

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Spencer Clairmont, on Google

Hearing Aid Company was great. Good service, very helpful.

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Ellen Scott, on Google

These hearing aids are awesome. I'm so pleased. The phone app is a great benefit.

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Pamela Swanson, on Google

I highly recommend this business. I had the experience of professionalism with a friendly attitude. I would highly recommend this business.

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Vincent Herald, on Google

Had a good check up and hearing aids were cleaned. They were on time.

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Brad Myrvik, on Google

Great service! Thank you!

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Ethan Rode, on Google

Very nice and very very accommodating. Thanks for the great service

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Joe Schuchard, on Google

Friendly environment and professional service during my recent visit.

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Nancy Robertson, on Google

I was very pleased with the services at the Hearing Aid Company. Staff were friendly and professional and made the experience stress free.

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Gene Johnson, on Google

I have had hearing aids for over 3 yrs. Testing, fitting, adjustments, and service have all been very good!! I would highly recommend Arlynn and the Hearing Aid Company of Devils Lake!!! 👍

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Dennis Paulson, on Google

The staff is very friendly and extremely helpful!!

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Tammy Anderson, on Google

Nice an quite here fast service

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Rhoda Dunn, on Google

Arlynn was great with my mom. Professional and knowledgeable. He’s always available when my mom needs service for her hearing aids. Would highly recommend.

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cheri hoffart, on Google

Arylnn Hefta and Lyla Nelson, 103 years old and going strong, our oldest patient! Lyla has been a patient for 4 years. Lyla was 99 when she got her hearing aid and is doing very well. We always look forward to her visits and her wonderful sense of humor!

Lyla Nelson

“Our daughter would come into the room and ask why I had the TV so loud. It’s nice to be able to be in the room with others and not have them going crazy with the loud volume. It’s a good feeling to now have the sound come right into my hearing aids.”

Patricia D.

“Being able to hear conversations the first time again, really understand them, was fabulous for me. Instead of asking my family to repeat themselves and try to visualize their lips as they talk, I had the opportunity to find that I just can close my eyes, listen, I would hear it and understand them.”

Dawn C.